DSL attorneys have worked together on many important mandates. Noteworthy among these are:


  • For a joint venture in a construction project, one of our attorneys was involved in a claim for additional costs of more than $50,000,000 and various claims from the contractor for nearly $25,000,000.
  • Two of our attorneys represented BCE on appeal and at trial in cases involving the resale of long distance cellular services, billing systems, the rights and obligations of the parties and the termination and execution of contracts with Bell, representing tens of millions of dollars.
  • One of our attorneys represented Groupe Dégagnés (a major maritime shipping company) (at first instance and on appeal) in an important case of unfair competition and breach of loyalty obligations. The lengthy trial of this long-standing case, in both the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal, involved a multi-million-dollar claim, but most importantly, it questioned important legal issues.
  • For GSI, one of our attorneys was responsible for the team of lawyers and the preparation of legal opinions, strategic proceedings and advice in litigation of over $4.5 million between this environmental management company and a municipality in the context of refusal to conclude a service contract and the cancellation of a public call for tenders by a municipality.
  • For AQPER and AIEQ, several of our attorneys worked on representations before the Régie de l’Énergie in connection with several rate cases involving Hydro-Québec and L’Agence de l’efficacité énergétique.
  • For Aéroports de Montréal, one of our attorneys was in charge of the preparation of proceedings, the initial investigation and hearing, and the trial and appeal hearing in the case of amendments to the rules of assignment of the traffic categories to Dorval and Mirabel airports, having led to the transfer of regular international flights from Mirabel to Dorval airport.
  • For Aéroports de Montréal, two of our attorneys collaborated in the negotiations and were responsible for the preparation of proceedings and the hearing, representations (at first instance and on appeal) in amendment files and the termination of commercial leases. The hearing for one of the lawsuits involved a claim of $80,000,000 and lasted 33 days.
  • For railway companies, many of our attorneys were involved in a variety of commercial and regulatory litigation matters involving the drafting of opinions, proceedings and briefs, the preparation of files for hearings before the Superior Court, the Court of Appeal, the Federal Courts (first instance and appeal), the Canadian Transportation Agency, commercial arbitrators and the Canadian Transportation Act review panel.
  • For CN, several of our attorneys collaborated on the preparation of proceedings and representation before the Federal Courts (first instance and appeal), including the judicial review of arbitration awards and decisions of the Canadian Transportation Agency. Certain procedures for obtaining injunctions and interim measures and constitutional declaration of invalidity of the final offer arbitration process imposed by the Canada Transportation Act.
  • For the AMF, one of our attorneys collaborated to represent the regulatory authority in all litigation related to the Norbourg financial scandal.
  • For TechnoAnge Inc., a limited partner in a technology investment fund, one of our attorneys drafted, prepared and reviewed proceedings, investigated facts, led settlement discussions, prepared hearings, and represented the client in a contractual claim of over $89,000,000, following the withdrawal of investment engagements by investors.
  • For a law firm specialized in major and complex litigation involving First Nations rights and claims, our attorneys prepared, performed and represented clients and their representatives in depositions, both for witnesses of facts and experts.
  • For Ville de Longueuil, our attorneys drafted and prepared proceedings, investigated facts, prepared hearings and trials, represented the client, and pleaded both at trial and at appellate level in matters involving multiple claims for damages against Ville de Longueuil, its Mayor and General Manager, motions to annul decisions made by Saint-Hubert/Longueil airport and Ville de Longueuil and the sale of immovables, injunctive relief, safeguard orders and class action, all concerning flight school operations and generated noise.
  • For Ville de Longueuil, our team drafted and prepared proceedings, investigated facts, and represented the client in arbitration concerning construction project claims, and also in a claim involving the conduct of police officers.
  • For Loto-Québec, several of our lawyers worked on recovery claims and litigation matters involving breach of commercial agreements.
  • On behalf of several alternative financing companies in the automotive sector, our team set up integrated representation programs in litigation and collection.


  • Advised and represented a global advertising group for over a decade in connection with the negotiation and implementation of client and supplier agreements.
  • Advised and represented clients in connection with infrastructure projects and related transactions.
  • Advised and represented companies in connection with transactions involving the purchase and sale of businesses, spin-offs and technology transfers.
  • Closing of multiple corporate reorganizations involving Canadian assets of a global advertising group.
  • Conclusion of a construction services contract with a general contractor for a bio-chemical commercial plant.
  • Conclusion of engineering and licencing agreements related to the licensing of a technology to an industrial biotechnology company.
  • Spin-off of assets from a U.S. private company, followed by several rounds of financing with U.S., European and Asian investors, and the completion of a successful IPO with the listing of shares on the NYSE.
  • Corporate reorganization involving a leading Canadian entertainment company.
  • Conclusion of a power purchase agreement with a major Canadian energy company.
  • Conclusion of a loan agreement with a consortium of American and Canadian lenders involving a multi-jurisdiction security package with assets located in Canada, the United States and Europe.
  • Privatization of a publicly-traded manufacturing company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Spin-off of assets from a publicly-traded biotechnology company and successful listing of the spun-off entity on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Advised companies and drafted multiple agreements in connection with strategic partnerships and commercial transactions, such as Joint Venture Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Manufacturing Agreements, Distribution Agreements and Offtake Agreements, involving large groups of companies located in several areas of the world (mainly North America, Europe and Asia).
  • Implemented the structuring of several start-up capital companies, including their listing on the TSX Venture Exchange and the completion of qualifying transactions transforming them into operating companies listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange.
  • On behalf of an entertainment company, set up financing with several financial institutions and acted as principal advisor in connection with the acquisition of a competing company, resulting in the emergence of the largest Francophone producer in North America.
  • Our attorneys advised management teams and heads of legal departments in connection with various corporate matters involving Canadian corporate laws.


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