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Québec Bar (1999)
Université de Montréal, L.L.B. (1998)

Sebastien is a serial entrepreneur, with an innovative and disruptive vision of the consulting and professional services industry.

He is a business lawyer specializing in strategic litigation as well as legal process outsourcing and alternative business modeling.

He is the President and CEO of Fetch Investments Inc.

In the context of the above function, he is the co-founder at Creative Lawyers and Co, Shareholder, Board Member and Strategist at Canadian Lender Solutions Ltd, & Anderson Sinclair PC, Shareholder, Vice-Chairman & Co-CEO of Leden, Entrepreneurial Private Office Inc., Partner in the Investment Fund CapitALL, and Senior Partner at DSL LLP.

At age 29, Sébastien was appointed partner at a large Quebec-based law firm, in the litigation department. During his tenure in this firm, Sébastien handled several high-profile litigation cases including several class actions on behalf of financial institutions, railway companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Since 2007, Sébastien is actively developing new business and operating models in the legal and financial industries. His work relates to the bundling of multiple services and to digital transformation.

Sebastien travels the world to meet with entrepreneurs, scholars and academics and finance specialists in his quest to better understand the impact of artificial intelligence, technology, data science to each of his businesses.

He is involved as partner into the research program Autonomy Through Cyberjustice ( and the Global Blockchain Legal Consortium (

Sébastien has been member of the reputed Entrepreneur Organization since 2013. he held several leadership positions within the organization ever since he became a member. He supports entrepreneurship and arts through personal involvement and donations. He sits on the Boards of Danse Danse and ECM+.

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